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Pre-listing tests - We don't think so

Updated: May 29, 2021

We totally agree that a toxicology report should be done as part of due diligence but a pre-listing test – No!

Would you trust a report commissioned from the owner of the second-hand car you are looking at buying? No! The report could be hiding any number of major defects.

The same is with pre-listing meth tests supplied by the owner or agent.

We would not touch them with a bargepole.

1. When was the property tested? Anything could have happened between the test date and today. Has the property been rented since the testing date?

2. Has the test been done by a qualified tester?

3. Has the tester tested inline with the NZ Standard, NZS8510:2017?

4. Does the tester have a financial interest in the property? I.e. Did the owner do the test.

There are a number of potential issues with prelisting testing and unless rules come into effect around how the testing is done, we recommend that purchaser commission their own Toxicology Report.

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