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Screen Test Options

Composite Lab Test

This is a composite test that is sent to the laboratory which provides a numerical level of the total possible contamination of all the samples taken. The results are received from the lab 2 days later. The results provide an average contamination level across all samples and a Theoretical Maximum Level. If the result is 1.5µg or below, the property will be deemed safe under the current New Zealand NZS8510:2017 standard. If the result is above 1.5µg you will need to have each individual sample tested by the lab to see where the levels are high and requiring remediation.  Please see Comprehensive Lab Testing below for more information. 

   1-5  Patches $179 + GST

  6-10 Patches $249 + GST

11-20 Patches $349 + GST

Urgent fee $40 + GST - Next day results

Meth Testing - MethTec Limited

Comprehensive Lab Tests 

Discrete Sample Testing
Lab Testing - MethTec

If you get a positive result from a screen test you need to get Comprehensive Lab Testing done to establish the level of contamination in each area tested. One sample must be taken in each room of the property as per the current New Zealand NZS8510:2017 standard. Each sample taken is then put in it's own individually coded vile and collectively they are couriered to the lab for individual testing.  Under the current standard, we are also required to include a ‘field blank’ to ensure the process is valid. 

Individual Lab Test $99 + GST each

Urgent fee $40 + GST each - Next day results

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