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New Zealanders are among the highest users of meth in the world

The NZ Herald has today released a documentary – Fighting the Demon - Inside New Zealand Meth Crisis. It is well worth the 40 mins of your time.

‘A 20-year fight against the drug has failed’

‘It is now purer and more available than ever’

The documentary should be watched by landlords, property managers and employers to get an insight into the world of a meth user.

‘In 2003, Customs and Police seized 3kg of meth’

‘During 2016, they confiscated 941kg’

At around the 28:30 mins mark Robin Oxborough, a Counsellor from Te Ara Oranga, talks about the dopamine spike and why people use meth.

‘I feel so confident when I use it’.

‘For the business man, in his mind he is using it to be more productive’.

‘For the beneficiary, they are using it to get out of their existence’.

We are shown a couple of ‘ex addicts’ going through Rehab. Both of which are from Northland. Rehab facilities are in short supply and hopefully the upcoming budget provides a big boast to funding.

See the link below.

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