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Housing NZ tenant given $6,900 after Meth Bust

On 1st August 2018 Police raided a Meth Lab at a Housing NZ property in Ranui. At the property they found equipment for manufacture in the Kitchen and Garage. Testing in late October showed the highest level of meth contamination in the kitchen of 1,621.80ug, the NZ Standard is 1.5ug and the Gluckman Report recommends a maximum habitable level of 15.0ug.

The occupants of Housing NZ property wasn’t charged.

They were then rehoused by Housing NZ in Feb 2019.

They were then given $6,900 compensation and a written apology by Housing NZ.

Due to this apology the tenant tried to a claim $26k in rent refund by taking Housing NZ to the Tenancy Tribunal. He failed.

What is a huge concern is why is Housing NZ compensating tenants where meth have been detected at clandestine lab levels and equipment has been found on the premises at a Police Raid??

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