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Housing NZ gets an ‘F’ for Meth Risk Management

Housing NZ gets an ‘F’ for Meth Risk Management. HNZ has over 65,000 properties with a combined value $25 Billion. In the year ended 30/6/2019 they tested 257 properties, 0.40% of its portfolio this is down from 1,792 properties, or 2.76%, in the year to June 2017.

In the Gluckman Report Gluckman cited Housing NZ stats that a very lowly 0.86% of samples tested were above 30 micrograms per 100cm2. 30 micrograms was the level that the Gluckman Report considers to be a Clandestine Meth Lab.

Stats released to myself under the Official Information Act show 15.95% of properties tested in Housing NZ portfolio in the year to June 2019 were above levels considered a Meth Lab. This is a massive increase to the data that the Gluckman Report used to come about its findings. In May 2018 Housing NZ instantly adopted the Phil Twyford initiated Gluckman Report. This lead to policy changes that means that only in exceptional circumstances will HNZ test a property.

By not testing HNZ is telling tenants that they have free rein to do whatever they want in a Housing NZ property. The recently highlighted case of HNZ tenant Brett Williams where Mr Williams HNZ property was raided by the Police. Equipment for manufacture was found in the kitchen and the garage but for some reason Mr Williams wasn’t charged. Testing shows levels over 1,600 micrograms and Williams was given a new HNZ property. He was also given a $6,900 pay out by HNZ for his inconvenience. Now he will be cooking up a storm in his new HNZ property. As there are no consequences for having a lab in a home that later had to be destroyed Williams is now in a property that hasn’t been tested. A comprehensive Meth Policy would have Williams new property being tested before he moves in, it would also have quarterly testing to ensure that Williams isn’t using it as a new lab. There is no deterrent for HNZ tenants.

The attached 2 ½ page report is Housing NZ’s new Meth Policy. With a Policy like this it is only a matter of time until HNZ’s Meth Contamination Problem is out of control.

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