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A more balanced view

Maria Slade from TheSpinoff has put together a more balanced view on Meth Contamination of properties. The ‘murky meth mess’ as she calls it gives a good look at the problems facing landlords and property buyers.

With a NZ Standard of 1.5 micrograms and a Phil Twyford/Gluckman level of 15.0 micrograms meth testers and insurance companies operate under the NZS8510 standard and Housing NZ, REA & Tenancy Tribunal all work to the Twyford Gluckman level of 15.0.

Due to Phil Twyford’s haste landlords and property managers don’t know what to do. The Tenancy Tribunal is making ruling against landlords that in the recent past they would have been awarding in the landlord’s favour.

The best advice is that if you are buying a house get it tested before you buy.

If you are a landlord test between tenancies.

Then at least you are covered for Insurance.

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